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“Katie got me believing in ME again.”

— Christine M.

“Katie helped me identify what I value most.”

— Padraic L.

“Katie was a huge help transitioning my career.”

— Sarah E.



I’ll help you find them.


I’ve worked with people all over the country, from big city creative professionals who want to uplevel their success to suburban moms who want to find out what’s next.

– Have trouble finding your passion
– Get overwhelmed turning a goal into a concrete plan

Consider us partners, uncovering your most true self and biggest dreams. I’m a “believing mirror”... I see your incredible strength and power and reflect it back to you. And our biweekly sessions mean your usual excuses won’t hold up, requiring you to dig deeper and push through where you would normally stop.

So you’re out there doing what you feel like you were put on the planet to do...

It’s important to me that our coaching time be as entertaining and fun as it is transformative. Laughter is required!

•  Uncover your deepest dreams.

•  Align your goals with your core values.

•  Develop a smart, daring plan.

•  Launch you into a fulfilling life and career.

TOGETHER, we will:
With my support, YOU will:

•  Commit to your dreams, once and for all.

•  Take consistent, bold action that gets results.

•  Love your life.

Have questions? Ready to get started?

(p.s. No one ever feels ready...)



“Her nurturing style, with structure and encouragement, was exactly what I needed.”

— Christine M.

“Working with Katie is wonderful. She’s fun, thoughtful, perceptive, listens, and keeps me moving forward.”

— Padraic L.

“Katie is such a wonderful listener, and helped me see that different parts of my life are actually not disparate, but rather reflect my deepest desires.”

— Sarah E.

Katie Atcheson trained as a Co-Active Coach at CTI (Coaches Training Institute), the world’s largest in-person coaching training and leadership development school.


She has experience as a trainer in creative and educational fields, as well as private one-on-one coaching and the corporate world with such organizations as the Professional Development Group, Columbia School of International & Public Affairs, and Corporate Scenes.


An award-winning playwright and actor, Katie loves working with artists and creatives. She also knows what it’s like to balance a professional career with running after her toddler daughter and finding date-night time with her Emmy Award–winning husband.

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Are you stuck on something particular?

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Let’s schedule a 60-minute phone chat that will leave you not only feeling lighter and more joyful, but will also give you a major shift in perspective. You’ll leave the call with the clarity and excitement to act on all the brand new ideas we’ll discover.

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Most commonly reported side effects of working with Katie:

•  Severe mood improvement and FUN

•  Increase in confidence

•  Positive mental outlook changes about life and career

•  A shake up of your current perspective

•  Falling in love with your work again

•  Going way beyond what you think you’re capable of

•  Creativity and inspiration kicked into overdrive

•  Excitement about your new direction

•  An unbeatable combo of passion, motivation & action


“Now I’m more productive than ever!”

— Christine M.



“After working with Katie, I’m clear on who I am, I’m more confident,

and I live my life according to what really matters to me.”

— Sarah E.

My work is now more impactful with a greater sense of purpose.

— Padraic L.

“Working with Katie, I made many leaps and bounds in my life and career – including reigniting my stand-up career after I had all but given up! Her attention to detail and her exercises for self discovery were immeasurably helpful and effective. Katie is determined to identify and assist in overcoming the most seemingly insurmountable obstacle. She is tenacious, gentle and supportive without a shred of judgement.

– Michael W.

“I was thrilled to work with Katie! She helped me find clarity in so many areas of my life — personal and professional. Always asking the right questions, helping me look a little deeper into what I really wanted and needed. In other words: Before Katie’s help — Single, broke and unhappy. After Katie’s help — Married (with a great kid), solvent and blissful!

— John B.